2D & 3D Files

3D & 2D CAD files of our collections are available for download to include in your projects. Our files are available in the following formats – Revit, DWG, OBJ & SKP.

Please select any of the files below to request access.

Selene Uplight, Large
Selene Uplight, Small
Selene Surface Sconce, Large
Selene Surface Sconce, Small
Bright Beads, Africa pendant
Bright Beads, Art pendant
Bright Beads, Alice pendant
Bright Beads, Disc wall hook
Bright Beads, Spin wall hook
Bright Beads, Diamond wall hook
Furl wall light, Triangle
Furl wall light, Circle
Furl wall light, Square
Attalos Wall Light, G200
Attalos Wall Light, G95
Attalos Ceiling Light
Attalos Pendant Light, G95
Attalos Pendant Light, G200
Attalos Table Light, G95
Attalos Table Light, G200
Lune, Bedside Light
Lune, Wall Light
Lune, Pendant Light
Bermuda Wall Light
Bright Beads, Sphere Pendant
Bright Beads, Disc Wall Light
Bright Beads, Sphere Table Light
Bright Beads, Disc Table Light
Terra 0, Long Articulating
Terra 0, Short Articulating
Terra 1, Long Articulating
Terra 1, Short Articulating
Terra 1, Pendant Light
Terra 1, Wall Light
Terra 00, Ceiling Light
Terra 00, Wall Light
Terra 00, Pendant Light
Terra 1.5, Ceiling Light
Terra 1.5, Pendant Light
Terra 2, Wall Light
Lini Pendant, Short
Lini Pendant, Tall
Flod Cafe Table
Flod Dining Table
Flod Coffee Table
Rico Lounge Chair
Rico Divan, Left
Rico Divan, Right
Rico Ottoman
Rico 3 Seater Lounge
Rico 4 Seater Lounge
Place Bench
Insert Coffee Table
Insert Side Table
Desert Lounge Chair
Haze Sideboard
Haze Vitrine
Pond Mirror, Small
Pond Mirror, Large
Pond Mirror, XL
Oblique Bench
Catena Sofa