Light Up Your Bathroom

Image: Louise Wellington


Marz Designs lighting products are certified IP44


After a lot of work behind the scenes, Marz Designs is very excited to share that our lighting product ranges now come with an IP44 rating. This means that any Marz lighting product, such as the Attalos, Terra or Bermuda Wall Light (with the exception of our Art, Alice and Africa pendants) can be safely installed in a bathroom environment and stand against the inherent heat and humidity without issue.


Moisture and electricity obviously don’t mix well, and it goes without saying that you want to avoid moisture penetrating your light fittings. But when it comes to finding beautifully designed, versatile lighting that is structurally safe for a bathroom environment, choice can be limited. Bathrooms are more than a functional space of hygiene practices and can represent personal rejuvenation and relaxation. Having the right lighting feature can enhance this atmosphere, adding sophistication and finesse. 


At Marz, all of our products are designed to be easily and reliably specified for these wet zones while providing a contemporary feature to the home. Our products meet our aesthetic design standards, as well as the strict requirements for safe installation.


This is where IP ratings come in…





What is an IP rating?


IP stands for Ingress Protection and is an internationally recognised rating system that categorises lights by the volume of solids and liquids the light and its fixture is protected against. Governed by the Swiss-based, independently-run International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), IP ratings set a global standard for lighting products and where they can safely be installed. IP ratings are also given only after serious testing and validating.


Using the universally recognised system, the first number represents the product’s permeability to things such as dust and dirt. While the second number communicates the product’s degree of protection against water.


Both digits run on a scale, the first from 0 to 6, with 6 meaning no ingress of dust for up to eight hours. The second digit runs from 0 to 8, the highest level means it can withstand being submerged in water.



Image: Louise Wellington


What does an IP44 rating mean?


Breaking it down to the nuts and bolts, an IP44 rating means the fixture is protected against an object bigger than 1mm. So no little fingers are going to be able to get in. The second 4 means it can be used in an indoor damp location and can stand up to water splashing from all directions for up to 5 minutes.


Image: Aurelia D’Amore