Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before placing any orders. We may modify the terms and conditions from time to time.

Order is final once invoice payment has been made. Please choose carefully, as all of our pieces are hand made to order. We do not provide refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision.

If a return is agreed upon between both parties, you agree to return the goods in their original condition and original sealed packaging to our nominated returns store or depot. If failure to do so this and damage is incurred in transit to Marz Designs, all costs will be directed to you and payment must be fulfilled within 48 hours from notification.

No exchange or refunds under any circumstances will be accepted for clearance or sale items.

Refunds for the dissatisfaction with colour, grain, veining or texture of wood, ceramic and marble because of natural variations of which Marz Designs has no control, will not be accepted. Presence of such irregularities and subtle imperfections are evidence of the handmade. This must be accepted before the Sale is processed.
If you've received damaged goods, please email us a picture. An image speaks a thousand words and can be helpful to understand the nature of the damage. We will replace the item if it's faulty or damaged, after a thorough check of the item.

You will need to contact us within 3 business days of receipt of the items in order to make a claim with us or the shipping company.

Packages are insured during transit. Products are not insured against damage at your home, shop or on a job site. Opening the box and checking the order is your responsibility, so please check your delivery ASAP for damage.
Your items may have been sent in separate parcels. If this is the case you will receive different tracking numbers via email.

If you haven't received an email notification about any changes to your order and you do not see different tracking numbers, but you're still missing an item, please contact us immediately with the following information:

- Invoice number or picture of your invoice
-The number of missing items and the reference (see invoice)
-A picture of the goods you received

Our support team will look into the matter and will solve the issue for you as quickly as possible.

Please note, all missing item claims must be made within 3 days of the delivery date of your order.
Can I add items or change my order once I've confirmed and paid for it?
No, once you have paid for your order, you can no longer add items or change your order.
But you may be able to cancel your order and re-order online.
Our lead times run approximately 4-9 weeks, depending on the item.

Small items such as wall hooks or bottle openers can be dispatched within the week if the item is in stock.
We understand that your order can be very urgent at times and we always do our best to deliver your items within the deadline that you have indicated.

However, our office cannot guarantee that your package will arrive on time, as we have no control over postal service operations or your order may also experience delays due to a misunderstanding, miscommunication or because of shortage in stock.

Marz Designs cannot be held accountable for these situations.
Marz Designs ships worldwide. Customs fees should be considered when placing an order. Customs fees can run up-to approximately 20% of a total order. Any fees associated with customs are not the responsibility of Marz Designs.
Full payment must be processed before production can begin. We accept all major credit cards, check payments, and wire transfers.
Please contact the team for trade pricing information via the Contact page.