The Modernist architectural principle of ‘form follows function’ perfectly describes the latest lighting range the ‘Bermuda’ by Marz Designs. The refined silhouette of the Bermuda light unveils influences from some of the greatest and most influential architects of all time . . .


Inspiration behind the ‘Bermuda’ lighting range was firstly sparked as a result of discovering Louis Kahn’s design for The National Assembly Building for Bangladesh in Dhaka. Kahn was most well-known for his monolithic architectural forms with exaggerated geometric proportions, and The National Assembly was no exception. The apertures Kahn created the facade was what caught our eye most. As a result, the interplay of geometric openings sparked the first concepts for the Bermuda lighting range.


In additional to Louis Kahn, John Launter’s Sheats Goldstein Residence in Los Angeles was also pivotal in the design process. Lautner also experiments with geometry through the repetition of triangular forms in his dramatic coffered ceiling detail. The triangle becomes not only a decorative element but rather an essential structural form.


“… form follows function perfectly describes the latest lighting range ‘Bermuda’ by Marz Designs”


The foundation of the ‘Bermuda’ lighting range stems from the proportion and symmetry of an equilateral triangle. As a result of Kahn’s playful use of contrasting geometric forms each lighting component is layering on top of the next. A triangular marble base has been offset with a circular smoked glass diffuser. Underneath the glass sits a square crystal housing for the LED light fixture. The symmetry of the marble base creates infinite tessellating possibilities as a pendant light or a wall mounted fixture. The Bermuda is a functional, yet highly considered lighting range from Marz Designs.

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1 / The National Assembly Building

2 / The Sheats Goldstein Residence