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Helena Rohner x Ferm Living

Helena Rohner in her studio
Helena Rohner in her studio
Helena Rohner Wall Hooks, process.
Helena Rohner Wall Hooks, process.

Frequently asked questions

Helena Rohner’s aesthetic has always been strongly associated with nature. Born into a Spanish-Swiss family, the now Madrid-based designer grew up in the Canary Islands – the stark, sculptural landscape of which still influences her designs to this day.

Helena, who in 2015 was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts by their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain for her contribution to design, runs an eponymous jewellery line with store locations in both Madrid and Barcelona, and her pieces can be found at international retailers as far as Japan and Australia. Helena’s graceful design language is now also brought to life in collaboration with ferm LIVING, the long-awaited result of which has been a collection of timeless and elegant home accessories, known as the Helena Rohner Series.

"I want to create art for everyday use that enhances the design experience in a casual way. This enables crucial consumer interaction with the design at eye-level," Helena tells us during a visit to her home in central Madrid. The high-ceilinged, airy apartment doubles as a studio, and has played host to many a creative session between Helena Rohner and ferm LIVING, having been one of many locations used for the design process throughout our collaboration.

Inspired by wild, Nordic nature and Helena’s timeless, feminine design aesthetic, the series is comprised of three elegant hooks and a Sculptural Object. “I wanted the objects for ferm LIVING to feel like big pieces of jewellery – that’s why we decided to cast the objects in metal,” says Helena. Available in shining brass and stainless steel, the pieces have been hand-formed for the perfect ergonomic feel and organic shape.    

The Sculptural Object becomes the focal point of any room, whether keeping papers in place in an office setting or styled as a piece of art. The wall hooks loosely take the shape of their monikers: mushroom, lemon and chanterelle, and are as much a sculptural piece as a functional fixture, as they can be used as wall hooks for clothes and accessories, but also as doorknobs, closet handles or cabinet grips.

From its base in Copenhagen, Ferm Living works with a whole range of artisans from around the world, fusing together a Scandinavian mindset and aesthetic together with global skills and traditions. Ferm Living has developed a beautiful collection of furniture, accessories, and lighting, which at their core make for comfortable spaces. Design around the notion of navigating expectations and dreams in the search for meaning and comfort Ferm Living pieces are about establishing a balanced life with room for chaos and calm, moments of reflection and times of joy.

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