Founded in 2010, the Marz Designs aesthetic is inspired by the beauty of raw materials and simplicity of natural lines and geometric shapes. Our philosophy is contemporary in aesthetic, underpinned with a respect for traditional techniques and an assurance of quality and functionality. Taking cues from mid-century design and modernist keynotes, Marz is committed to producing timeless yet contemporary pieces that live and grow with you.



In need of something special? We can create custom lighting and object designs to suit your space. If you would like to inquire about commissioning a project of your own, please contact us.
Crafted from hand-turned FSC-certified timbers, the latest 'Bright Bead' timber wall hooks from Marz Designs re-work a functional, everyday object into a sculptural storage solution.   The original Bright Bead pendant lights were first released back in 2010 and ha