From local and international makers, artisans and craftspeople, this curated selection of furniture pieces reflect the true ethos of Marz – quality, function and aesthetics. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece, or something to simply enjoy every day, this collection of furniture has been specially chosen to turn a house into a home.



Explore our collection of handmade homewares. We have traversed the globe to find a selection of pieces that will add layers of charm and character to your home. Each with a unique story, created by a skilled maker, these will be homewares that you can treasure for years to come.

Marz lighting products are defined by an innate care and attention to natural materials and handcrafted, traditional techniques. Lighting sets the mood and the atmosphere in any environment, our lights are designed to not only set the tone, but to also be a beautiful object in itself.


Marz + One Tree Planted
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“As a brand, we hope that our products are installed and loved with the same amount of care and attention that it takes to create them. We work with highly skilled artisans to make products that are more than something to change with the seasons. It’s a philosophy that feeds into another deep belief of ours – the importance of environmental sustainability and conscious consumption.”

On the Journal

After a lot of work behind the scenes, we’re very excited to share that both our Terra and Attalos ranges now come with an IP44 rating, which means they can safely be installed in a bathroom environment, standing up to all the heat and humidity without an issue.

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Grit Ceramics x TERRA
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“I actually use a huge variety of techniques to get to the end result, but each process has dozens of steps and can take multiple weeks from start to finish. I crave variety, so learning new skills is essential to keep me motivated and to continue to push boundaries.”

- An exclusive interview with leia from Gift
In need of something special? We can create custom lighting and products to suit your space. If you would like to inquire about commissioning a project of your own, please contact us. We can develop custom light fittings, unique light fixtures or bespoke architectural features such as drawer handles, metalwork and joinery, designed and manufactured using a range of manufacturing methods. We work in partnership with you to engineer and fabricate a unique piece.

Marz is an Australian design studio that brings local craftsmanship together with functional design to create a range of premium lighting, furniture and objects. Drawing on the classic forms of the art deco, modernist and mid-century design movement, all Marz products are designed in Byron Bay honouring natural materials and artisanal qualities.