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Introducing: Aurelia Collection

Marz Designs presents Aurelia, a new collection of contemporary lighting inspired by the graceful movement and mesmerising translucence of the ocean’s ‘moon jellyfish’.

Introducing: Aurelia Collection
After two-and-a-half years in concept and development, Marz Designs is proud to announce the release of Aurelia. While most of Marz Designs’ previous collections have been forged from timber and ceramics, Aurelia marks a new direction – the materiality shifting to stone with the hardness of white and jade onyx retaining a feminine sensibility through its soft glow and gentle curves. 


Aurelia Single Pendant in White Onyx and White Satin

Surface Sconce

Suitable as a wall light or ceiling light in both residential and commercial projects, the Aurelia Surface Sconce is defined by its distinctive bell-shaped translucent body, and much like its namesake — the moon jellyfish (aurelia aurita) — the delicate Aurelia floats effortlessly, offering an otherworldly ambience to any interior. Available in white and jade onyx stone.


Aurelia Surface Sconce in Jade Onyx with Brass
Aurelia Surface Sconce in White Onyx


This simple yet intricate shade produces both direct and diffused illumination through its translucent stone. The Aurelia Pendant forms part of this new celestial range of residential and commercial lighting, combining contemporary and classic parts through a chandelier-style presence.


Aurelia Single Pendant in Jade Onyx and Brushed Black
Aurelia Single Pendant in Jade Onyx and Brushed Black

Double Pendant

Available in small and large sizes in white or jade onyx, the Aurelia Double Pendant is a significant part of the Aurelia range. This dual-light source is defined by soft balance and symmetry.


Aurelia Double Pendant in Jade Onyx and Brass
Aurelia Double Pendant in White Onyx and White Satin

Double Pendant Offset

The elegant asymmetry of the Aurelia Double Pendant Offset bears a contemporary translation of classic chandelier-style design. This staggered, dual-light source is suitable for any residential or commercial lighting and is available in small and large sizes, in naturally veined jade and white onyx.


Aurelia Double Pendant Offset in White Onyx and Brushed Black
Aurelia Double Pendant Offset in White Onyx and Brass


The Aurelia Wall light offers an ethereal ambience to any space and can be installed on both walls and ceilings with and without cornices. The verticality of the Aurelia Wall light rod component provides a striking architectural feature and contrast against the gentle curves of the onyx stone.


Aurelia Wall Light in Jade Onyx and Brass
Aurelia Wall Light in White Onyx and Brass

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Designed and assembled in Byron Bay, Aurelia is available in white and jade onyx stone in Surface Sconce, Pendant, Double Pendant, Double Pendant Offset and Wall options. 

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