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Responsibility. Accountability.

We are defining a path to follow into the future of Marz Designs, a path led by principles of timeless design and timeless quality.

Responsibility. Accountability.
With World Environment Day behind us for another year, Marz Designs wants to take this opportunity to update our valued customers on our manufacturing and sustainability practices – what we currently do, where we need improvement and what we’re doing to take practical climate action.


Bright Beads Wall Disc in Walnut. Photographed by Sean Fennessy.


Marz Designs recently partnered with Greenfleet, a leading not-for-profit environmental organisation and Australia’s first carbon offset provider. Since their inception in 1997, Greenfleet has planted over 10 million native trees throughout Australian and New Zealand forests, protecting biodiversity, capturing carbon emissions and helping combat the effects of climate change.


The Marz Designs team at the Greenfleet Planting Day, Yugerra Country, Queensland

“We are proud to be partnering with Greenfleet to take climate action and offset our carbon emissions through native reforestation.”


The Marz Designs team braved the harsh Australian sun earlier this year during a Greenfleet tree planting event in Yuggera Country. Together, we planted nearly 2,000 native trees. We also proudly contribute to Greenfleet’s CarbonCover 365 initiative, annually offsetting 20.3 tonnes of C02-e for each person on the Marz Designs team (a total of 121.80 tonnes).

Learn more about our partnership with Greenfleet here.


Sustainable Shipping

Marz Designs lighting is produced through a range of materials. The stone for the Bermuda Wall Light. The timber for the Selene Range. The ceramic components of the Terra. While these materials are all naturally occurring, they are still extracted from the earth. We have an environmental impact, there’s no doubt about it. Finding ways to do better by the planet is our chief preoccupation.

All Marz Designs products are shipped using recycled packaging contents and materials, and we choose to import components via ship rather than by air, which creates far less CO2 emissions. You can see a full list of our current shipping practices here, but really, this is just a start, and offering carbon-neutral shipping is our logical next step – something our team is actively pursuing.


Imperfect Collection

Our team is constantly exploring and researching new ways to reduce waste through our supply chain and the Imperfect Collection represents an exciting new chapter at Marz Designs. This range includes manufacturing seconds, samples and prototypes, one-offs, and ex-showroom displays. These products are often non-standard versions or may have some sort of cosmetic flaw, but are otherwise functionally perfect.


“These products may have some sort of cosmetic flaw, but are otherwise functionally perfect. Rather than sending these products to landfill, we are now offering them for purchase at a discounted rate.”


Find out more about the Imperfect Collection. 

Explore the current range and support this sustainable manufacturing approach.


As designers, we hold ourselves accountable and responsible for making the correct choices for our consumers and the planet. In the following years, we aim to define the path we follow into the future of Marz Designs, the path we aim to tread lightly.