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Designer Spotlight: Ferm Living (The Flod Collection)

Based in Copenhagen, world-renowned brand Ferm Living combines Scandinavian tradition and contemporary design.

Designer Spotlight: Ferm Living (The Flod Collection)
Based in Copenhagen, world-renowned brand Ferm Living combines Scandinavian tradition and contemporary design. We are fortunate to retail their artisanal range of furniture and homewares in the Marz Designs shop and are excited to share an in-depth look at their Flod Collection.


Introducing Ferm Living

Since 2006, Ferm Living has provided the world with authentic and responsible design from their base in Copenhagen. Through a balance of minimal Scandinavian aesthetic and bolder colour and forms, Ferm Living designs products that make the home more meaningful. Not only are their furniture and homewares popular throughout the Marz Designs shop, but we hold similar values and practices, such as collaborating with artisans and their penchant for organic materiality.


“Our biggest ambition is, and has always been, to inspire people to create the kind of space that makes them feel comfortable, that allows them to be themselves in their own home. A home, after all, is much more than a collection of beautiful objects – it’s the place where life happens.”

—Trine Anderson (Founder of Ferm Living)


In this designer spotlight, we’re going to take a closer look at the Flod Collection. Featuring a dining, cáfe and coffee table, the Flod Collection is defined by contrasts in materiality and manufacturing processes. While the galvanised powder-coated steel presents a sleek linear frame, the tiles offer a soft warmth and tonal variation through its distinctive clay form. 



Flod Collection: Behind the Flod Table Tiles

Ferm Living, keeping in line with their values of collaboration with global craftspeople, make all of the Flod tiles from a family-run factory in Gonzaga, Italy. The family has been committed to the alchemy of producing rustic cotto tiles from earth, water and fire since their factory was established more than 100 years ago.

The clay is sourced from the floodplains of the Po, Italy’s longest river that flows between the Cottian Alps towards the Adriatic Sea, and is naturally dried in the hot Italian sun. Water is then added to the raw clay inside the factory where it becomes malleable and ready to be cast by hand, in one of the many moulds that line the walls, some of which were made a century ago. Artisans will sprinkle sawdust into the mould to prevent the clay from sticking. Steel wire is then used to remove any excess clay from the mould, revealing the clean form of the newly shaped Flod tiles which are then removed and placed on drying racks where they’ll remain for up to twenty days.



Once the Flod tiles have properly dried, they’ll have their turn in the oven. At the Gonzaga factory, the kiln is fired once a week (subsequently for four to five days), reaching heats in excess of 1,000° Celsius. After a coat of liquid wax to ensure durability in outdoor environments, the Flod tiles will be carefully packed and then shipped back to Ferm Living’s headquarters in Denmark where they’re paired with the galvanised powder-coated steel frames to form the tables. 

From start to finish, the process takes one and a half months.

The Flod tables are a story of clay, water and fire, with each element in the process combining to shape unique tiles for the range of tables, including dining, café and coffee tables.


Flod Coffee Table

A graphic, streamlined frame crafted from galvanised, powder coated steel that is pleasantly contrasted by the warm, natural texture of ceramic tiles.




Ferm Living Flod Dining Table

Crafted in Italy using the finest clay from the River Po, the tiles have a rich tactility and have been made using only water, fire and human hands.



Ferm Living Flod Cafe Table

Perfectly adapted for indoor-outdoor living, these tiles are placed into the frame unsealed, allowing for any rain or moisture to smoothly pass in between the tabletop and through the perforated frame.



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