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Colour Study: Green

Known to symbolise and represent health and new beginnings, green generates a feeling of renewed energy. In this colour study, we take a look at a number of green accents that can elevate any room.

Colour Study: Green
Interiors painted green offer a natural sense of reflection and allow us to blend our indoor and outdoor living zones. But opting for a rich and vibrant green wall can limit your options when it comes to selecting lighting, homewares and furniture. We find that offsetting the viridescence of a space with the warm naturality of timber is a great option. Marz Designs timber lighting products are available in a number of different timber varieties including walnut, a deep tone that gives off a classical elegance against coloured walls.
On the other hand, if working with a neutral palette, curating a selection of green accents can intimate a connection to nature. Below are some of Marz Designs’ favourite lighting, furniture and homeware products that sit on the green spectrum. Check out how these shades of sage, olive, moss and more work effortlessly with neutral spaces.


Terra 0 Long Articulating – Olive
Terra 0 Short Articulating – Olive

Green Feature Lighting


Marz Designs Terra Lighting Range


Our Terra lighting range explores a number of different variations in form and colour. From the Terra 0 Short Articulating to the Terra 1.5 Pendant, each iteration presents a ceramic fitting with unique differences that are organically created during the handmade and kiln firing processes.

Terra’s ceramic sage component is popular across all wall, ceiling and pendant lighting options and perfectly suited to any interior space where a touch of verdancy is desired.

The Terra Lighting Range is available in a choice of Olive, Slate, Vanilla Bean and Clay, with brass, brushed black or white satin fittings. Find out more about this product here.


“Terra’s ceramic olive component is popular across all wall, ceiling and pendant lighting options and perfectly suited to any interior space where a touch of verdancy is desired.”

Marz Designs Bermuda Wall Light – Moss


The colour green is known to provide a lift of natural tone throughout an interior. In conjunction with tone, our Bermuda Wall Light in Moss also adds an earthy materiality through its marble hue. 

This sculptural light is an attractive centrepiece when in use, and when switched off, permeating a terrene interplay of exaggerated geometries. Learn more about the design process behind the Bermuda Lighting range here.


Bermuda Wall Light – Moss

Green Accent Furniture


Ferm Living Desert Lounge Chair – Olive


The Desert Lounge Chair by Ferm Living is a bestseller in the Marz Designs shop. Available in Stripes and Solid, this graceful modernist chair is crafted from durable black powder coated steel and slung with a woven textile seat composed of 53 recycled plastic bottles.

The Olive Desert Lounge Chair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, offering a neutrally coloured, minimal addition of relaxation through strong and refined design.


“The woven textile seat is a hallmark of ethical design and is constructed from 53 recycled plastic bottles.”

Green Homewares


Ferm Living Liba Watering Can – Olive


Following on from the elements of sustainability found in their Desert Lounge Chair, Ferm Living has aesthetically reinvigorated the traditional plastic watering can with their Liba design – made entirely of recycled plastic. This functional design, in its muted mangrove tone, is calming and decoratively shaped to rest on the bookshelf as much as the by the garden.


Ferm Living Liba Watering Can – Olive

Dinosaur Designs Skipping Stone Vase – Bold


Dinosaur Designs is a renowned Australian homewares brand led by Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy. Their uniquely handcrafted resin jewellery and homewares are inspired by organic forms and colour. The Skipping Stone Vase is a bold and natural addition to any space, and much like the Bermuda Wall Light above, elicits a tranquil yet stormy ambience through both materiality and tone.


“Every piece is crafted by hand in Australia, passing through many pairs of hands in the process giving each piece the slight differences that make it unique.”

Dinosaur Designs Skipping Stone Vase – Bold