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At Marz Designs, we're more than just a designer lighting & homewares business – we're a tight-knit group, deeply passionate about lighting up your spaces. Our journey with brass lighting has been an intimate one. Every brass piece we craft carries a story, a touch of our personal passion and our genuine care for the spaces it will illuminate.

When we talk about brass lighting, we aren’t just discussing a design trend. For us, every brass light fixture is a canvas, a reflection of our meticulous dedication. The varied styles of our brass lights come from a place of deep creativity, and we've made sure that while these pieces exude sophistication, they also promise longevity. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for us – it’s a commitment. The brass we use not only shines bright but is durable, ensuring these lights become enduring parts of your homes or establishments.

Brass Pendant Lights

Our hand-crafted brass pendant lights aren’t just functional; they're art pieces, making rooms come alive with their warm, golden glow from our Glass Light Shades - small or large, white frosted or clear, each gives an even light across your space.

Our designs, though rooted in timeless aesthetics, never feel out of place in contemporary settings. Whether you’re looking for an iconic statement like the Attalos Pendant Light or something classic like the Terra 1, our designer lighting has got you covered, no matter the size of your room or the mood you wish to set.


Brass Wall Lights

Wall lights, often the unsung heroes of design, can redefine spaces. Our brass wall lights not only illuminate but also amplify the beauty of interiors and exteriors. Each design has been thoughtfully crafted, ensuring they are both a statement and a source of warmth and comfort. The Attalos Wall Light stands out and reminds you of ancient torches and lanterns in Greece, and our Terra 0 Long Articulating Wall Light gives flexibility to direction and design. Colour and material work together to ensure any of our lights can fit your space and further elevate your vision.

Terra Wall Light hanging in a bathroom.

Brass Lighting: A Choice for Hospitality

Beyond homes, we love working with our trade clients. We know that in the realm of hospitality, ambience is everything. Our brass lighting pieces have been specially crafted to elevate cafes and restaurants, hotels, clubs, music halls or any other venue you could imagine. The warmth that brass brings is unparalleled, making dining not just a meal, but an experience. Our pieces have found homes in many upscale establishments and we always ensure they blend seamlessly into the existing design, enhancing both the aesthetics and the dining experience. Out of the way, yet eye-catching.

Caring for Brass Lighting

Every Marz piece, designed with love and precision, is also crafted for easy installation & care. And while brass is celebrated for its durability, a touch of care can ensure its shine endures. Your commitment to maintaining these lights will ensure they remain radiant beacons for years. We have various care guides available ready to go for our designer lighting products, ensuring you know exactly what to do and you have the right equipment to ensure your brass lighting lasts.

The world of lighting is vast, but at Marz Designs, we've chosen to master the art of brass lighting. Each piece isn’t just a product but a testament to our commitment to quality and beauty. As you explore our range, we hope you see not just lights, but stories of passion, dedication and a genuine desire to illuminate spaces with warmth and grace.

Your space is personal, and it deserves the best. Dive into our collection and let Marz Designs be that touch of timeless elegance - give us a call or email today. 

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Brass Lighting FAQs

1. Why choose brass lighting over other materials?

Brass lighting offers a blend of durability, timeless elegance and versatility. Unlike some metals, brass doesn't rust, ensuring longevity. Additionally, its golden hue provides a warm, sophisticated ambience that complements various styles, making it a favoured choice for those seeking a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Maintaining the lustre of your brass lighting is straightforward. Regularly dust the fixture using a soft cloth to prevent build-up. For a deeper clean, we recommend Brasso Metal Polish and our Brass Care Kit. Always avoid abrasive materials as they can scratch the surface.

Yes, brass is a robust metal resistant to corrosion, making it suitable for outdoor use. However, it's essential to ensure that the lighting fixtures are specifically designed for exterior use and come with the necessary weatherproofing, like our IP44 Rated Lights. Over time, outdoor brass lighting may develop a patina due to natural oxidation, which many find aesthetically pleasing, but can be polished if preferred.

While the material of the fixture (in this case, brass) doesn't determine energy efficiency, all our brass lighting fixtures are designed to be compatible with energy-efficient bulbs. We always recommend EmeryAllen G9 COB LED bulbs to reduce energy consumption while ensuring optimal illumination.

Brass lighting, with its timeless appeal and classic elegance, has been in vogue for decades and continues to be a popular choice. While design trends evolve, brass has consistently remained a staple due to its versatility and the warm ambience it provides. When choosing Marz Designs' brass fixtures, you're investing in pieces that effortlessly transcend fleeting trends, offering lasting beauty and style.