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Introducing Terra

The colours and textures of the earth provide endless ways to cultivate new ideas for objects or spaces and our latest range Terra draws on this concept.

Introducing Terra
For a lot of designers, nature provides a playground of inspiration. The colours and textures of the earth provide endless ways to cultivate new ideas for objects or spaces and our latest range Terra draws on this concept. As the name suggests, Terra utilises natural raw materials sourced from the Earth. Handmade clay ceramic shades and combinations of hand-turned timber elements are assembled to create a versatile selection of pendants, ceiling and wall fixtures.


Terra 2 Wall Light

There are twelve styles currently in the range and each design is deceptively simple yet architectural in construct. Available in a choice of three ceramic tones, Slate, Sage and Vanilla Bean.

Warm to the touch and warm to the eye, the timber components incorporated in a selection of fittings in the range are hand-turned from FSC certified Walnut or Oak.


“Each slip cast component is infused with subtle variations inherent in the handmade and made permanent in the firing.”


The Process Behind Terra

The range employs two key processes; slip casting and woodturning.

Slip casting is used in ceramics as a way to mass-produce a unique shape. A mould is created and liquid clay is poured into the mould and around the mould walls. Once the clay sets it turns into what’s known as greenware which is shaped, but unfinished ceramic. From here, the piece is decorated with glaze or coloured. After all this, the piece is fired as many times as desired to get a perfect look.

Woodturning uses a tool called a lathe, which is a machine that allows the wood to be turned on its axis and processed at a high RPM (revolutions per minute). While traditional wood-working requires the wood to stand still while the cutting tool does the work, with hand-turning, the wood is moving while the cutter stands still. This creates a more precise, symmetrical and artisanal result.

Each Terra light is assembled, individually checked and packed in our Marz studio using fittings in either bright brass or blackened brass and specifically designed electrical componentry.

Through these handmade processes, each of our ceramic light fittings is rich in origin and unique in form.


The Terra Range



Crafted with a combination of two contrasting half domes, Terra 00 is available in pendantwall and ceiling-mounted formats. Ceramic shades paired with hand-turned FSC certified timbers in Walnut or Oak to create these unique pieces.


Terra 00 Pendant
Terra 00 Surface Sconce


Featuring a brass backplate and a short or long articulating arm this light is available in a wall light format and is both directional and functional. The singular domed ceramic fitting creates a controlled light source.


Terra 0 Long Articulating
Terra 0 Short Articulating
Terra 0 Pendant


Simple cylindrical ceramic forms create the Terra 1 range. Available in pendantwall and articulating wall formats. Mix and match to bring a sense of individuality into a master bedroom.


Terra 1 Long Articulating
Terra 1 Surface Sconce
Terra 1 Pendant


A matte cylindrical shape is layered with a smaller glazed base to create this asymmetric stack of ceramic forms with two contrasting finishes. The Terra 1.5 is available as a feature pendant or directional ceiling mounted light.


Terra 1.5 Pendant
Terra 1.5 Ceiling Light
Terra 1.5 Pendant


These lights feature two slip-cast lamp holders with unique brass or blackened brass detailing. A duo of ceramic cylinders stacked to form a bi-directional wall light suitable for both residential and commercial interior spaces.


Terra 2 Wall Light
Terra 2 Wall Light
Breathe life into your next project with the Terra range.