Bright Bead wall hook range
Bright Bead wall hook range

Crafted from hand-turned FSC-certified timbers, the latest ‘Bright Bead’ timber wall hooks from Marz® Designs re-work a functional, everyday object into a sculptural storage solution.

The original Bright Bead pendant lights were first released back in 2010 and have received a humbling amount of support from the design community. The pendant light design combines various arrangements of individual timber beads, each crafted from hand-turned FSC-Certified timbers. The individual beads are then threaded in various combinations to create pendant lights within the series.

As a result, the design for the timber wall hooks was realised as an extension of this lighting range. Each shape and design is a distillation of its pendant light counterpart. With some slight adjustments, the timber beads have an entirely new function within the home.

Especially useful for storage and displaying items, our signature range of designer wall hooks compliment your decor and can function as coat hooks, clothes hangers, drawer pulls or door knobs.

Spin wall hooks_lounge
Spin wall hooks

The individual beads are shaped and sculpted from either American Oak, American Walnut or American Ash timber.  Each individual timber wall hook design showcases the inherently beautiful qualities of each timber variety. Designed to be either be installed individually, in a set or as a combination.

 “. . . re-work a functional, everyday object into a sculptural storage solution”

Another feature of the wall hooks is the individual characteristics of each shape. The design of the ‘Spin’ wall hook allows users to layer multiple items on one hook. Larger items are well suited to the ‘Disc’ while the ‘Diamond’ wall hook is perfect for storing singular, smaller items. Due to the slightly oversized nature of each shape, the wall hooks create a beautiful feature of the simple act of storing one’s belongings.

Australian designed and manufactured the timber wall hooks feature three unique shapes; Disk, Spin and Diamond. Each design creates the perfect addition to any interior space.

Disc wall hooks

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